About the Clipinhair Team clipinhair heart

Melanie Burgers - Managing Director

melanie burgers

Born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa Melanie Burgers entered the digital world as an online marketer and web designer in 2006. However, the urge to travel took her across the seas to the US, where she continued to grow her digital skills. It was in the States where she came across the answer to every girl’s dream, REMY human hair extensions. After extensive research learning the difference between the brands as well as bonding, micro-looping and tape extensions, she discovered clip-in extensions. Shortly after which the longing for home became too much, and she returned to where her heart is, Cape Town.

It was then that she begun creating the Clipinhair brand. She knew that if she was struggling to find high-quality, reasonably priced clip-in extensions, then there was surely plenty of other South African women who were as well.

A lot of time was taken in sourcing the best suppliers of Remy hair, ensuring they were not just 100% human hair, but that the eleven chosen shades would match almost any customers colour. Having a solid, high quality product along with top notch customer support has been what's separated Clipinhair from the rest. Clipinhair has climbed to the top of the Hair extensions Market, and this is where it has stayed.

Kahlia Brookes - Sales

kahlia brookes

Capetonian, Mother and Clipinhair’s super sale executive, Kahlia Brookes does it all. After having her daughter in 2012 Kahlia decided to resign from her job as a sales consultant to become a stay-at-home mom. However, after several months she realised that she was really missing the thrill of being out there and working in sales. After looking at a few sales jobs and going for interviews Kahlia couldn’t seem to find the right company to fit until she was called in for an interview at Clipinhair in 2013. Kahlia immediately felt at home chatting to Melanie in the interview and they both knew this was going to be a fantastic working relationship.

Kahlia gets such a big kick out of working at Clipinhair, as she truely feels passionate about the products. Having the opportunity to work with women on a daily basis to transform their look and leave with a spike in self-confidence, keeps Kahlia motivated and full of drive.

She feels like she has truly found her work family in the Clipinhair team and she takes pleasure and pride in going out of her way to help. It is the team’s goal to help every South African woman make Clipinhair a simple, yet important part of their glam routine.

Christie Cope - Marketing

christie cope

After graduating with her honours in Media Theory and Practice from UCT, Christie began her adventure into Cape Town’s turbulent media world. After several internships, she landed her first job as a travel copywriter. After working in the field for a few years Christie needed a change and took the leap into something a little different, taking with her all the skills she had grown. With a touch of good timing she landed a job as the marketing coordinator at Clipinhair.

Along with travel, fashion and beauty were on Christie’s list of industries to work in, and she was overjoyed when she was given the opportunity to expand her marketing horizons at Clipinhair. She now works closely with Clipinhair’s sales exec Kahlia, and director, Melanie to ensure that Clipinhair not only receives the coverage it deserves, but that it inspires women across South Africa to feel more confident about their appearance.